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This page contains the English translations of Facebook posts found on Ahmed Alhasan’s facebook page

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2016 Facebook posts

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July 2016
(2 posts: A peaceful protest in Liberty Square, and Anger of the Iraqi people toward the ruling parties)
June 2016
(9 posts: Fallujah and Mosul aren’t lifesavers, Ode to Imam Ali (as) , Encouraging peaceful protest in order to demand rights, Hadith from Imam Ali, the Treacherous Kiss of Judas, Poem by Ja’far Shu’aib, To protest is a moral duty, Dua for first day of Ramadan, and Ramadan is a month of mercy)
May 2016
(7 posts: A dilapidated house (Iraq), Disapproval of homosexuality, Passing away of Ansar, Endless blood and destruction in Iraq, Profile picture changed, Profile picture changed, and Oppressive Iraqi government)
April 2016
(4 posts: Dangers of a Kurdish state in Kirkuk, Live your life for others, Iraq readying for new phase, and Start of month of Rajab)
March 2016
(3 posts: Continued failure of the Iraqi government, Salafi Wahhabism promotes terrorism, and Day of Nowruz)
February 2016
(1 post: Ansar in Iran)
January 2016
(3 posts: Interview with Ahmed Alhasan “Systems of Governance and the Divine Constitution”, passing away of Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, and New year’s day)


2015 Facebook posts

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December 2015
(1 post: Interview with Ahmed Alhasan(as) about confronting Atheism)
November 2015
(1 post: Poem “Yaa SaiHat al-Haq (O Shout of Truth)”)
October 2015
(2 posts: 10th of Muharram Ziyara of AlHussein(as), and Video “O eye, cry about them”)
September 2015
(3 posts: 3 posts about Thul-Hijja and AlHussein)
August 2015
(1 post: Interview with Ahmed Alhasan(as) “Current developments in Iraq”)
July 2015
(2 posts: End of Month of Ramadan, and Martyrdom of Imam Ali (as))
June 2015
(11 posts: 8 posts on Riser Brigades, Sayed Nasrullah misconceptions, Reading Quran, and TV show invitation)
May 2015
(3 posts: Isis, Video lecture and Poem)
April 2015
(1 post: Month of Rajab)
March 2015
(2 posts: Atheist misconception and Martyrdom of Fatima)
February 2015
(1 post: Prayer for God’s love)
January 2015
(2 posts: Audio file and martyr)


2014 Facebook posts

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December 2014
(1 post: profile picture changed)
November 2014
(6 posts: The Atheism Delusion book, Listening to opponents, evolution deniers, Martyr, Imam Hussein (as), and Women’s Rights)
October 2014
(6 posts: Malik ibn Nuwayrah, Muharram, box of confinement, Imam Ali (as) announced as Khalifa, Eid al-Adha, Imam Hussein (as))
There were no posts in September 2014.
There were no posts in August 2014.
July 2014
(3 posts: Eid al-Fitr, Lailatul Qadr, Death of Ali ibn Abi Talib (as))
June 2014
(2 posts: Defending against ISIS, and General Treasury)
May 2014
(4 posts: Complaint, Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (as), Working together, and Dog altruism)
There were no posts in April 2014.
March 2014
(9 posts: 2 posts on martyrdom of Ansars, Theory of Evolution, … many missing translations, will update soon)
February 2014
(10 posts: 2 posts on Theory of Evolution, 3 posts on Flat Universe, Audio file for doubters, homosexuality, Official Office, Huskies, and Egypt Ansar)
January 2014
(4 posts: Mourning for martyrs, 2 martyrs, Birth of Prophet Muhammed (sawas), and audio file)


2013 Facebook posts

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December 2013
(5 posts: infallibility of the Quran, 3 posts on Arba’een commemorations, )
November 2013
(2 posts: Supplication and Poem about al-Hussein (pbuh))
October 2013
(1 post: Ansar in Iran)
September 2013
(5 posts: Obscene language, Birth of Imam al-Ridha (pbuh), refutation of the belief in imitating non-infallibles, Polygamy, and Dr Attiya)
August 2013
(7 posts: US supporting al-Qaeda, Radio channel stopped, Imam al-Hassan’s damaged shrine, 3 posts about Eid al-Fitr)
July 2013
(3 posts about start of month of Ramadan)
June 2013
(4 posts: Iraq’s obligation to Syria, the six-pointed star, Birth of Imam al-Hussein (pbuh), and suplication)
There were no posts in May 2013.
There were no posts in April 2013.
March 2013
(8 posts: sheikh al-Buti assassinated, Martyrdom of Fatima (pbuh and Will of the Prophet (pbuhaf), private questions, Bahrain protests, proofs of this call, mothers, back pain, and genuine altruism)
February 2013
(17 posts: vision, 4posts about Wahabis, 4posts about US supporting Wahabis, 5posts about Hawza of al-Mahdi, Wahabis, and 2 posts about same-sex marriage)
January 2013
(5 posts: 2 posts on Advice from the Prophet, Birth of Prophet Muhammed (pbuhaf), Sincerity of David, and dua)


2012 Facebook posts

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December 2012
(25 posts: Response of the clerics, 10 posts on the Epic of Gilgamesh and religion, 2 posts of supplication, martyrdom of al-Hussein (pbuh),
snake cleric, ‘The Atheism Delusion’ and questions, Nasser Muhammed, predicting Wahabis entering Iraq, Wahabis worship an idol,
1st of Safar, supplication, supplication, no evidence for belief in imitating a fallible scholar, excessive compliments, cover photo, and eulogy for Ibrahim al-Maghribi)